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About DocMX

DocMX has been designed by business professionals to manage information and streamline processes within the hospitality business community. We understand how hospitality work and we understand how Hilton work, this is our forte. Our unique approach to information management has ensured that our clients can concentrate on what they do best, running their operations without distractions and to the highest possible service to their guests and ultimately their owners. We are delighted to be able to present a recommended proposal to streamline your operation. Our proposed Hilton modules are listed below, some mandatory, some optional. Please review the proposed "Towers" of technology to decide which modules are most relevant to your requirements.

Optional: Revenue Audit(RA)

Hilton Revenue Audit in DocMX primarily focuses on simple workflows and daily completion of report packs, as well as collecting and collating backup and proofing documents. Generation of “packs” like “Daily Revenue Pack” is simplified as the system automatically link the pack to it’s supporting documentation using the Family feature within DocMX, allowing users to compare the pack and the family members side by side, as well as draw links and references between the two documents during the approval process. The primary resources required to integrate are OnQ and your POS. Each property location will usually require the DocMX Upload Service to be installed onsite an internal device, this service will facilitate the automation of the various reports, as list below. Allowance Management Report AR Allowance Report Cashier Allowance Report Events Allowance Pack Finance Allowance Pack Cash Journal (Rooms F and B) Cashier Foreign Exchange Cashier Paid Out Pack Paid Out Report Credit card Journal (Rooms F and B) Credit Card Reconciliation Sheet Cancellation Report Complimentary House Rooms Daily Revenue Report Due Outs Early Departure-Extended Stayovers No Show Rate Override Rate Report Room Discrepancy Report Event Tax Invoice Credit Card Adjustments Daily Entertainment Entertainment Journal OnQ Reconciliation Reconciliation Report Void Report Discount Report Micros Reconciliation Report Autopost Exceptions Service Recovery Report Cash Payment Summary Guest Registration POS Dockets Void Reason Report Internet Report Telephone Report Movie Report Proven Core Benefits: • Improve Audit Compliance • Completion Dashboard for Oversight • Allow Remote Audit • Reduce Overall Printer Usage • Reduce Manual delivery and singing of documents • Searchability and Report Retrieval

Optional: Order To Cash(OTC)

Order to Cash in DocMX combines automated report collating with eForms. Aiming to improve user access and visibility to PMS debt status and resolve guest billing queries more promptly. The DocMX eForms allows requests to be tracked centrally, quickly routed to the required line managers for approval, ensuring all queries are correctly approved, tracked and audited before paid out. Direct Bill emailing components provide capture and processing of scanned or printed direct bills, which can then be put on a workflow and emailed to the debtor automatically or merged into a pack and transferred manually. All core and backup documents are labelled with metadata and can be quickly retrieved via the search should a debtor query a bill. Information processed as part of the OTC Tower, listed below: Adv Summary Deposit By Arrival Advance Deposit Aging Bad Debt Provision Bad Debt Exemption Bad Debt Provision Bill Query Bill Query (Non-Revenue) Cheque Payment Credit Application House Accounts Ledger Query Ledger Query (if WG is selected) Master Accounts Write Off (if Bad Debts selected) Write Off (if Chargebacks selected) Credit Renewal Cash Application Matching Credit Card Statement and Allocation HHONORS Daily Check High Balance - All payment methods Adv Deposit Summary By Due Date Travel Agent Remittance Credit Meeting Pack Events Invoice (Banquet, Wedding, etc) Proven Core Benefits: • Quickly route Cash/Credit Applications through Finance. • Easily escalate issues with Bad Debt, and track the actions taken. • Improve query resolution time and prevent them from being lost. • Centrally store backup documentation that can be quickly received remotely (FO, CF, Res, etc) for query resolution. • Ensure approval has been provided and tracked to pay out a Query or Write Off. • Scanning or Printing of Bills and Backup • Line Manager Access for Forms and Approval • For optimal usage, automation of PMS and POS reports

Optional: Record To Report(RTR)

The DocMX Hilton RTR Tower has few distinct components, main function is to ensure the monthly audit requirements for Balance Sheets and Journal Vouchers are complete. By processing Trial Balance data from the financial system, we can provide a quick and easy to use drill through report for Central Finance to quickly review for reporting and parse it to identify which accounts will require a balance sheet for the given accounting period. Hotel-specific customisations allow accounts to be allocated to different Towers (or the Hotel) and provide a per-tower perproperty break down of the month’s Balance Sheet status to show which accounts are missing and which have been approved. In a similar case, if the financial system is unable to maintain and provide a record of the posted journals, the journals can be stored in DocMX as a central archive for audit purposes. By processing a list of Journals from the Financial System, DocMX can identify what is missing and what account posted the journal, allowing the users to quickly identify which journals they have yet to import into the system. Standard RTR reports processed list below: Trial Balance Reporting Balance Sheets Balance Sheet Completeness Reporting Journal Completeness Reporting Journals/Journal Vouch Proven Core Benefits: • Easily track audit compliance and monthly processing completion. • Quickly identify what is missing and who the task belongs to. • Simply audit processes with completion reports and search tools. Requirements, to be setup within the proposed pricing: • Trail Balance Data feed • Journal Data Feed

Optional: Procure To Payment(P2P)

The DocMX Procure to Payment Tower aims to place payment processing in a data-driven Hilton environment to automate a variety of labour-intensive processes from data entry to validation to workflow handling. DocMX integrates with the hotel’s procurement and financial systems, collecting PO and Invoice data to automatically perform the 3-way check and generate journal files that can be sent to the financial system without user interaction. Data synchronisation allows DocMX to keep up to date with the COA and Vendor Details stored within the financial system. Invoices are scanned or emailed from anywhere in the hotel directly to DocMX, helping to reduce the amount of invoice that go missing or otherwise need to be printed for approval. Pre-processing standardises the invoices and extracts important information such as the vendor, invoice number and amounts. While a fully customisable department layer allows the hotel to automatically route their invoices to the necessary departments for approval. With access to both the PO/Invoice data, and a record of the received/exported invoices, we can generate accrual reporting, and should all validation be passed, the invoice can be routed directly to export without user interaction. Excel integration is used to parse payment journals to ensure all data present is accurate, and mark linked documents to the payment journal quickly and easily. Bulk family viewer tools allow these linked documents to be displayed side by side with the payment journal when reviewing in DocMX. Similar benefits are provided by centralising Manual EFT and Expense Claim through eForm. Proven Core Benefits: • Paperless Invoices Processing. • Improved user throughput (no need to manually handle every invoice.) • Improved accuracy and timeliness of payments. • Review of payments can be performed by multiple users simultaneously. • Control over user input through validation and selection lists. • Automation of workflow and review processes. • Remote and detailed overview of all processing and payment status. Requirements (assuming a full set up): • Data transmission from Procurement System. • Data transmission to and from Financial System. • The above may require access to an FTP Server or additional services from the relevant service provider for compatibility. Please note, the above assumes integration to both procurement and financial systems. Each level of integration is important to enable certain features within this process. For example, without access to the procurement system, the three-way-check cannot be performed automatically.

Mandatory: DocMX Foundation

Site license (all property users) for a customisable and dedicated online DocMX instance providing Hilton DocMX Document Management, Workflow, Capture, OCR, Automation, Reporting and Forms creation. Inclusive of *unlimited download, storage and support.

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